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App store keywords

App Store KeywordsWhen you submit your WiziApp powered iPhone app to the iTunes App store, you might as well wish that it turns up in search results when people search for the appropriate keywords. Wait, before that, you should know what exactly Apple means by “Keywords” in their iTunes app store.


So, what is a app keyword?

According to Apple, keywords are like tags that can be added to your app while submission to the app store. You can add keywords of up to 100 characters and not more. So, you have to use it very wisely. Also, if you are not assigning the keywords, Apple will make your app searchable only by title, which will make it very difficult for your app to be visible in search.

Now that you have learnt what a Keyword is, and what Apple’s guidelines are, let’s see how we should choose the keywords for your app.

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