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Why should you create an iPhone app for your website?

After taking painstaking efforts to create your own website with great content, the next immediate step is promoting the same. Anyone who has great content would obviously want his/her hard work to get noticed, and that is not really easy as you would think. Initially you will go for Social Media as the promotion tool, and it works well, of course, but we always want more, don’t we?

If you have not been living in a cave since 2007, you might have noticed this phone with a half-eaten fruit on its back called the iPhone, and what is it famous for, you ask ? The amazing user experience and the iTunes app store of course. The App store made the iPhone revolutionary, and it is an understatement to be completely honest. It changed the way people interact with their devices, and brought a huge catalog with it, while growing at break-neck speed. You must be wondering why I am saying all of this. Well, the mantra is apps, apps and apps, and I personally think, and heavily suggest that you have an iOS app for your spanking new website. And I am going to tell you why –

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