WiziApp plugin 1.3.0 is released with plenty of new features & Multisite compatibility

Creating a native iPhone App for your WordPress powered website is now easierthan ever with the new advanced WiziApp Plugin.

We are proud to inform you that the WiziApp plugin version 1.3.0 has been releasedand it includes various improvements like faster app performance, bug fixes and new features. Speaking of new features:

1. You can now choose to display your post on either of the following options:

  • Just your App or
  • Just your Website or
  • Both of them.

2. You can now choose to either send a push notification or not – for each post.

3. You can also now choose to edit the push notification message for each of your post.

4. Your native app is now fully customizable according to your local language.

5. Additional customization options for the app theme are now available with this update.

We have some great news for WordPress Multisite users too. WiziApp’s latest version has added compatibility with the WP Multisite, so you can now create apps to all the web sites you have, with special pricing plans: http://wiziapp.com/pricing

Download the WiziApp plugin and create your own native iPhone app in few simple steps.


Creating Admob Ad Unit ID

On mobile, advertising is a growing way of monetization. Leading developers like Rovio and EA have demonstrated that there is a lot of dough in ads.

What is Admob ?

It is an Ads network that enables Apps and mobile friendly web sites owners to display ads and get revenues per click similar to Google Adsense system. By far, it is the largest advertising tool/platform used on mobile, and who owns it now? Google!  Yes, and it is very similar to Ad sense in the revenue sharing mechanisms too! How cool is that?

So, now you know what Admob is, and how cool it’s owner is, let’s get to know how to become an Admob publisher.

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Why should you create an iPhone app for your website?

After taking painstaking efforts to create your own website with great content, the next immediate step is promoting the same. Anyone who has great content would obviously want his/her hard work to get noticed, and that is not really easy as you would think. Initially you will go for Social Media as the promotion tool, and it works well, of course, but we always want more, don’t we?

If you have not been living in a cave since 2007, you might have noticed this phone with a half-eaten fruit on its back called the iPhone, and what is it famous for, you ask ? The amazing user experience and the iTunes app store of course. The App store made the iPhone revolutionary, and it is an understatement to be completely honest. It changed the way people interact with their devices, and brought a huge catalog with it, while growing at break-neck speed. You must be wondering why I am saying all of this. Well, the mantra is apps, apps and apps, and I personally think, and heavily suggest that you have an iOS app for your spanking new website. And I am going to tell you why –

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How to promote an iPhone App

Promote it in your website:

If you have made a WordPress iPhone app, you should make sure you promote it in your own website, right?

Here are some ideas for promoting it in your own website:

  • Create your own ad, just make a decent 320X250 ad with a picture and a link that points to the iTunes app store link
  • Create a separate page that has all the details of your app, with complete description and the iTunes link of course. Make it as detailed as possible.
  • Create a review-type post and launch your app in a big way for your readers.

Apart from the above options, you can always include links for your WordPress iPhone app under every post you write, so that people see it more often. However, I would suggest that only if you don’t find it obtrusive.

Ok, you have reached out to your dedicated readers through your website, but what about getting new visitors?

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App store keywords

App Store KeywordsWhen you submit your WiziApp powered iPhone app to the iTunes App store, you might as well wish that it turns up in search results when people search for the appropriate keywords. Wait, before that, you should know what exactly Apple means by “Keywords” in their iTunes app store.


So, what is a app keyword?

According to Apple, keywords are like tags that can be added to your app while submission to the app store. You can add keywords of up to 100 characters and not more. So, you have to use it very wisely. Also, if you are not assigning the keywords, Apple will make your app searchable only by title, which will make it very difficult for your app to be visible in search.

Now that you have learnt what a Keyword is, and what Apple’s guidelines are, let’s see how we should choose the keywords for your app.

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