How to promote your iPhone App

Promote it in your website :

If you have made a Native iPhone app for your WordPress powered Website, you should make sure you promote it in your own website, right ?

Here are some ideas for promoting it in your own website:

  • Create your own ad, just make a decent 300X250 ad with a picture and a link and a QR code that points to the iTunes app store link (Go to your WordPress admin panel > WiziApp > App info Tab to find this information).
  • Create a separate page that has all the details of your app, with complete description and the iTunes link of course. Make it as detailed as possible.
  • Create a review-type post and launch your app in a big way for your readers.

Apart from the above options, you can always include links for your iPhone App under every post you write, so that people see it more often. However we would suggest that, only if you don’t find it intrusive.

Ok, so you have reached out to your dedicated readers through your website, but what about getting new visitors ?

Make a Video:

If you are making an app, you have to show it off, right ? So, go right ahead and make a short and sweet video demo and explain the features legibly. YouTube is really the next TV, and literally booming every day with millions of viewers, which better platform to showcase your app ? So, make a video demo, make sure it’s short and explains all the features efficiently.

Promote in Social media:

We are sure you would have thought this out by now. As you well know, Social media is one of venues for a new dimension in marketing your product. The product, being your iPhone App can be promoted in social media in various ways:

  • Create a twitter account for your app – this way, people will lap it up easily and will have of security that they can report bugs or errors easily.
  • Promote the app in your website’s facebook page. Facebook’s “pages” is an awesome tool, and it has various options to “create an app” which appears in the sidebars. Create something using that tool which promotes your app, and enhance the app’s visibility by leap and bounds.
  • Or better, create a facebook page just for your app, or even a group to create a community of users who can share their experiences of their own app.
  • Forums are the most natural way of interaction, and they always have a huge following and readers who like read as well as share.

Social media is not just static content, it’s also about visually enticing others about the product, which is your iPhone app.

Submit for reviews:

There are a huge number of sites that review native apps.
Since yours is a native app too, you can submit to it for review, please pay attention to the following guidelines:

  • Reading submission instructions carefully
  • Including everything they request in your submission
  • Explaining what is unique/special about your app
  • Linking to the YouTube demo you made for your app.

Tell your friends about your app:

Have a lot of friends with iPhones ? Tell them to download your app and give it a go.
Word of mouth is a powerful way of marketing that can go viral most of the times.
If it’s a hit with your will share it, and it spreads like wild fire. So, remember this, you must tell your friends about your new iPhone app.

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