Get Apple Developer Account

For becoming an Apple developer, you need to be registered with Apple in their developer program for iOS. But before that, you need to create your own developer account. Let’s see what we need to know, in a brief explanation-

A developer account from Apple is your entry into the world of app publishing. You need a developer account to register for iOS developer program. It is easy to create your own account in and once you are done with creating your developer account, you have to register for the iOS developer program.

The iOS developer program is the gateway to create and publish apps on the iTunes App store. Remember, this is the only way for you to publish your iPhone app. Or you know, get a well known publisher to publish your app, but you will not get full control over it, if that’s the case.

Once you join the iOS developer program, the rules mandate that you have a publisher name so that people can easily relate to your other apps, if there are any. Also the publisher name helps a lot in branding. Once you get your cool name, any app that you publish, will come under that name.

And now that you have published your app, there is always this curiosity on how the app’s performance is, in the store. Thanks to Apple, there is an in-built analytics platform. It’s called iTunes Connect, accessible at You can just login, click on “sales and trends” and voila, your app data and statistics right there, for your viewing pleasure.

You can view the statistics that include number of downloads within a given period, visits data and geographical data. You can then make changes to your app/marketing strategy according to this data.

Now that you have mastered the art of getting your app published and getting the statistics from it, you can begin making revenue from Apple itself, through selling your app, or through ads.

You can use Apple’s own iAd platform or use third party services like Admob, inneractive, etc. Click here to know how you become an Admob publisher.

Now that you are all set on the know-how, let’s go through how one can join the developer program in order to become a registered Apple developer-

Step 1 :

Go to : and click “Enroll Now”

Step 2 :

Click Continue


Step 3 :

Select option to “I need to create a new account….” OR

Select “I have an Apple ID…” in case you would like to use an existing Apple ID


Step 4 :

Choose to sign up as an individual (left side of the screen) or as a company (right side of the screen).

Please note Choosing to register as a company will require longer process, see in this page Apple requirements from a company versus individual.



Step 5:

Complete the personal profile information, including your Apple ID, Security Information and Personal Information, and click Continue:


Step 6:

To complete the professional profile area choose iOS > Your primary market > Your iOS Application type > The primary category for your Application > How many years on Apple platform (please choose “New”) > Develop on other platform (please choose “No”)



Step 7 :

Check the box in order to agree to the Developer Agreement and click “I Agree”.

Step 8

You should get an email with a code to verify, please enter the code and click “continue”


Step 9

Please enter your billing information and click “continue”


Step 10

Select iOS Developer Program and click “Continue”



Step 11

Review all information and click “Continue”


Step 12

Agree to the program license agreement



Step 13A

Confirm purchase 1 iOS Developer Program then proceed to checkout.










Step 13B In case Apple online store in unavailable in your country complete and fax the purchases form:



Step 14

Inform Wiziapp customer service at [email protected] when you get the confirmation from Apple your enrollment is complete.


And that’s it! You are now a registered Apple developer and you can now happily publish your WiziApp app on to the App store!