Admob on Iphone

On mobile, advertising is a growing way of monetization. Leading developers like Rovio and EA have demonstrated that there is a lot of dough in ads.

What is Admob ?

It is an Ads network that enables Apps and mobile friendly web sites owners to display ads and get revenues per click similar to Google Adsense system. By far, it is the largest advertising tool/platform used on mobile, and who owns it now? Google!  Yes, and it is very similar to Ad sense in the revenue sharing mechanisms too! How cool is that?

So, now you know what Admob is, and how cool it’s owner is, let’s get to know how to become an Admob publisher.

Please note, Admob has recently changed its interface and the way to create Ads unit ID for your App

If your account was not upgraded yet, please use the old guide which can be found on Paragraph 2 below.

   Paragraph 1 – Creating an Admob unit ID for upgraded account

Step 1 : Please choose the “Monetize” tab and click “+Monetize new App” just beneath it.

Step 2: Choose add your “App manually”, select the platform, enter the App name & click “Add new App”

Step 3: Select ad format as a “Banner”, give it a name & save.

Step 4: You can skip the Firebase analytics and reach the “View implementation instructions”

Copy the Ad unit ID, which looks like: ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx into the Ads section which can be found on the Wiziapp plugin settings tab. (Please copy the whole ID including the ca-app-pub..)

 Paragrpah 2 – Creating an Admob unit ID for accounts that were not upgarded yet

Step 1

Login to Admob using your own Admob account (if you have one) or just login with Google account.

Step 2

Once you are done logging in, select “Add site/App” under “Sites & Apps” like this-

Step 3

Select iPhone app or Android App from that list (You may need to fill your tax details before you can choose it)

When you select the appropriate option, it will generate the publisher code according to the type of the option. The publisher code is required to integrate your app with the Admob marketplace.

You can see that most platforms are supported with Ad mob. Even smartphone web, meaning the webkit browser can also be targeted as a platform for your admob ads. Apart from Android, iPad and iPhone, the Windows Phone platform is supported, but it’s still in beta.

Step 4

Now is the time to fill in some details including-


  • Enter the name of your app
  • For the iPhone App currently ignore the App store  Package URL.
  • For the Android App, please clear the default data in this field and keep it blank
  • Select the category of your iPhone app
  • Enter the description of your app (To ensure that your site or app is appropriately classified, provide as many details as possible about usage, user demographic etc.)
  • For the iPhone App, select a theme or create a custom theme. This theme color would be the background of your ads that are served on the app.
  • For the iPhone App do not tick Location information

Step 5

Choose to continue and ignore the “Download Admob iOS SDK” part while proceeding to select “Go to sites/app” button in the bottom middle. Like this-

Step 6

Once you select “Go to Sites/Apps”, you will be taken to a page where you can see the App you created. Now hover the pointer over it and select “Manage settings”. Like this-

Step 7

Copy the publisher ID displayed below-

And that’s it. You can now use this publisher ID for your own WiziApp powered app. You can enter this publisher ID in the WiziApp WordPress plugin while creating your App.